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If you have a goal for your business, then your marketing needs to be working hard for you to achieve it. When it comes to successful marketing, branded promotional products can be great campaign assets.

While most people may see uniforms or promotional products as branding staples, we see marketing opportunities!

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the cut through of real, tangible marketing campaigns is not to be underestimated. That’s not to say the two can’t coexist – in fact, the real magic happens when a campaign has both online and offline elements.

Some marketing campaign ideas:

  • Print a brochure with a special offer to be claimed on your website. Then every time you do work for a client, visit their neighbours and hand deliver it. They will have met you, know a happy client and have a physical reminder with an incentive to take up your services.
  • Is your customer a parent? Sponsor a local kids sports team and have their uniforms made up with your logo on them. Take out a billboard advert on the way to the sports ground or run a social media advert to grab their attention while they scroll through their phone on the side-lines.
  • Create an awesome branded gift such as a charging station night light, an esky or a reusable coffee cup (to name a few) and offer it as a thank you in exchange for a glowing Facebook or Google review. Win win!
  • Give clients branded water bottles printed with a QR code for an entertaining video or to enter a competition via your website. Not only will you get more eyes on your brand, you’ll have the website data to measure how far your water bottles have travelled.

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Adding branded and promotional products to your marketing mic can improve your response rate by up to 60%! Giving a potential client something that educates them about your brand or something they can keep and use gives you an edge over your competition and a ‘brand longevity’ that’s hard to match.

Those who truly understand marketing see branded merchandise and promotional products as marketing tools, to be used in specific and targeted campaigns to build their brand and grow their business.

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